Reynolds CO Saddle Club

Few Rules and Regulations

1-  there is NO running in or out of the Areana during Speed Events

2- NO STALLIONS will be shown by anyone 17 years and younger. this includes ponies and speed horses

3- Youth classes are 16 years and younger

4- Ponies must be 54 inches tall and under , they can only be shown but those 12 years and under.

5- you will be asked to sign an accountability release at each show.  Parents we must have one for Each Child That is With You!

6- In the Classes you must do as intructed.  YOU WILL BE KICKED OUT OF THE CLASS  and your money will not be refunded for the class. this  is to make all classes FAIR  if there is a reason you can not follow the instructions  please tell the judge or ring master ( due to things such as physical Disabilities and inexperance exceptions may be made)



more to be added later .  

Horse Show Bill , our shows this year will be a little diffrent. We are going to combine the traditional classes with a few Fun classes for both the old and young .

 sorry all shows are over for the 2011 season  


 2012 show bill comming soon this is 2011


2011 Show bill!  $2.00 per adult will be collected at the gate per adult. Entries are $4.00 per class. 1st-4th place will recieve payback, 1st will recieve a trophie/prize and 2nd-5th will recieve ribbons. at the end of the season  ( after the 5th show) high point trophies will be awarded.

1- Pony Showmanship  ( basically pony halter)


3-Lead Line

4- Pony Class ( 12 and younger on the riders )

5- Jack Benny Class ( 55 and over )

6- Egg and Spoon ( any age!)

7- Cow Boy Skiing

8- Pony Barrels

9- Youth Barrels

10- Open Barrels

11- Cataloge Race

12- 4 and Under County Pleasure ( any breed)

13- Izzy Dizzy Race

14- Water Glass

15 - Boot Race

16- County Pleasure ( any Breed)

17- Pony Poles

18- Youth Poles

19-Open Poles

20- Open Foxtrot

21- Sack Race

22- Open Gaited

23- Open Western

24- Walking Horse

25- Flag Race

26- Plug Race

27- Obstical Course ( Obsticals will vary from show to show)