Reynolds CO Saddle Club

Welcome to the Reynolds County Saddle Club Web Site

Hello, in the following pages you will be able to find show dates , trail rides , and more For the Reynolds County Saddle Club located in Ellington MO !   this site is currently under construction so there may be a few holes in the information but we hope to soon have all the current information availble to you.  We will also be having some meetings in the next few months to get a few more trail rides and such put together.



People to Know :

Susan Duncan - Vice President -573-924-2241


David Pouge - President


Sabrina Mann -Secretary -email me  with questions at


Feel free to contact any of us with questions or for information.





Tack sale !!

hello we will be having a tack sale at the Ellington Areana on May 19th 2012 at 2pm

there will be a large assortment of good quality new tack brought in from Alabama by Bobo . He will also be bringing in several nick nacks and things .

anyone is welcome to bring in new or used tack that they wish to sell , all tack is sold on commision.


there will also be "Tickets" sold for horses . anyone is welcome to bring their horses/ mules to sell . it is $10 per " ticket"


this is the second of many such sales that we hope to do , please call or email for more information . also if you wish your tack/ horses to be listed on the site feel free to email me details and pictures and we are more than happy to list it for you .

all guartentees are between the buyer and seller.